FEATURE DOCUMENTARIES (except where noted)

Punch 9: Harold Washington For Chicago (in-progress)

directed by Joe Winston

The Beatles: Eight Days A Week: The Touring Years (2016)

directed by Ron Howard

The Trials of Muhammad Ali (2013)

directed by Bill Siegel

Band of Sisters (2012)

directed by Mary Fishman

Beneath The Blindfold (2012)

directed by Ines Sommer and Kathy Berger

Open Secret (2011)

directed by Steve Lickteig

Milking The Rhino (2008)

directed by David E. Simpson

Catholic Chicago (Chicago History Museum Exhibit, 2008)

Trillium Productions

Chicago 10 (2007)

directed by Brett Morgan

Refrigerator Mothers (2002)

directed by J.J. Hanley David E. Simpson and Gordon Quinn